Friday, April 29, 2011

Em's pick of the Week

It's not very often that the family gets to make a trip to the comic shop together. I just love it when we do.  I love watching her look at last weeks comics as she works her way to the spinner rack with the kids books.  We let her pick one book a week. Sometimes it's the 25 cent books that get her attention. Often, it has been the books based on her favorite cartoon series: Batman: Brave and the Bold, and Young Justice.  I think Em wants to be on that show as "Girl Flash."  She does quite the Flash impression.

This week though she went another route and was in pink heaven.

Tiny Titans #39

Some Penguins help Alfred with washing the crews costumes and all the costumes turn pink, including Batman and Superman.  Embarrassment ensues for all the males involved.   At least, I think that's what happens.  Reading comics with Em is very interesting. She sits in my lap and we look at the pictures.  She then tells me what's going on in the story based on what she sees on the page.  Most of what I heard the first time we read this one was her Pinkworld song in which she tells me of the existence of this world and how much she loves it.  Oh, and now she has new friends in Pinkworld!

I did get to read some of the story as she was singing her song and one of the things I really like about this series is that they throw the parents a bone every so often to keep them interested.  The best example is the title.  This one was pointed out to me by Jack.  It's a line from the first Superman movie when they discuss the color of Lois' panties on the rooftop. Hee hee.  Thanks Art and Franco.

I wonder what the choice will be next week.  I need to check my schedule to see if I get to go too.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Mothers Dilemma

Once or twice a month we have a treat and get McDonalds as a treat. It's always fun to watch her with the toys.  We decided to send me out on my own and pic up dinner.  I go inside to find out which toys are now in the Happy Meal.  I get in there, look at the board and I just don't know what to do.

First I see this...

Then I see this...

Oh, boy... Em's boyfriend is Robin.  She says he's going to marry her.  But lately, she's been pretending to be Flash Girl.  But on the other hand she is a typical little girl who loves baby animals.  She has many pet shop toys at this time.  I stood in front of the board just staring at the toys for a good three minutes trying to figure out what to do.   In the end the deciding factor was that they didn't have Miss Martian who is a prominent figure on the show.  I know she loves both.  So, I picked Littlest Pet Shop. I just couldn't figure out the reaction when I get home and she looks at the box and see both.

I get home and put the box in front of her and she immediately names more than half of the Young Justice characters. Uh oh.  She then sees the animals and does her little girl squeal.  She pulls out the Squirrel and is immediately in love with it.  In the end it was a win-win situation.  But boy, I was sweating it.

This is Jack's Spider-Shelf. A video of Rachel's Wonder Woman shelf will be coming soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

When We Met--She Said

   A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... A girl named Rachel met a boy named Jack, one 4th of July weekend.  The night of July 3rd as they sat in an open air restaurant and asked all those basic "get to know you" type questions.  The conversation came around to comic books.  I had read comics when I was a kid.  I was really into Wonder Woman, Batman, and Justice League among others.  I hadn't picked up a book in probably a decade.

   I told him this but it didn't seem to matter.  We talked about many things comic that primarily involved Marvel.  All I really knew about Marvel comics were the cartoons "Spiderman and  His Amazing Friends" and the X-men one from the 90's. I really liked those but I didn't know thing one about Marvel Comics.  Again, it didn't seem to matter.  Throughout the weekend we talked Marvel, we talked DC, we talked movies, we talked cartoons.

   That conversation continues to this day. I'm more aware of Marvel and have read a few comics. When it comes down to it I'm still a DC Girl.  And the best part is that it's never boring.  There is always something new and interesting to talk about some new Spiderman story I should read but just can't quite bring myself to do it.  There is some great DC art work out there but he can't quite bring himself to read it. It's great that we love the same things but it the differences that make life really interesting.